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The RRH Committee is made up of concerned residents working together to steer the future of Red Hook.

Empowered by the spirit of unity that helped the Red Hook community survive Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy, our vision for a resilient and thriving future is to work as a holistic community to strengthen Red Hook by minimizing differences and maximizing cooperation among all who live and work here. Mindful of the growing climate-related risks to our beloved low-lying community and the immediate need for improved emergency preparedness measures, our actions will serve to help to develop measures that will protect our neighborhood from flood inundation, increase the safety of our citizens, and move towards a resilient community. We are committed to maintaining and expanding affordable housing,environmental justice, and increased economic activity with an emphasis on local job development, recognizing the importance of their interdependence.

Our re-building efforts towards a resilient and sustainable community are focused on a sincere triple bottom line integration of environment, economy, and community, which will require substantial improvement to our long-neglected infrastructure including sewers, transportation, communications, power and energy provision, and education.

JOIN US! contact resilientredhook@gmail.com if you are interested in attending a meeting or joining the committee. We are only as strong as the connection in our community..