Safe Alternative Transportation

The Issue

The peninsular nature of Red Hook’s geography makes transportation challenging. Traffic congestion arises from Red Hook being home to the Battery Tunnel entrance, The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, a vast array of truck and bus depots, IKEA and Fairway shopping areas, a high percentage of in-coming workers traveling via automobile, and primary public transportation is via bus routes. Subways access is only available by crossing the dangerous Hamilton Expressway and bike lanes are few. These combine to create congested and often un-safe streets.

The Solution

To create safer streets for several alternative modes of transportation throughout Red Hook, creating a safe network of mobility throughout the community. This includes more bike lanes, safer intersections, improvements to Hamilton Ave crossings, truck traffic control measures, encouraging traffic on alternate routes.

RRH Action

We support the efforts of various agencies such as DCP and DOT that completed a Red Hook Transportation Study to enact the measurements identified in support of safer streets. Vision Zero.