Economic Diversity

The Issue

The health and stability of Red Hook Businesses are integral to the community’s resiliency. Red Hook’s growing diversity of businesses serve residents, attract investment, supply jobs, and create local wealth.

Local businesses and nonprofits not only provide goods, services, and entertainment, but also contribute to the neighborhood’s growing vibrancy and quality of life. Resilient Red Hook recognizes that achieving sustainable community economic development requires businesses and neighbors working together to establish and maintain a healthy, vibrant and equitable live/work environment. As such RRH provides online resources for and about Red Hook, as well as opportunities for local stakeholders to engage in activities that enhance neighborhood character and quality of life. 

The Solution

Resilient Red Hook envisions a wider variety of economic opportunities for business, and residents. From trade schools training for climate change ready jobs, to small business incubators to programs supporting cottage industries and local manufacturing. There are many potential opportunities but policies must be put in place to support a wide variety of scales and types of businesses. We are particularly excited to see the waterfront become an engine and economic boost to the community, given the scale 

RRH Action

Currently RRH is working with local businesses, SBIDC and the RETI Center to support training initiatives and greater economic options.