New Ferry Landing and Additional Ferry Service

The Issue

With only two bus lines, a subway that is more than a 20-minute walk from most locations, and a ferry service limited to afternoon trips to and from IKEA, the residents and employees of Red Hook are currently under-served by public transit and have limited travel options year-round
as well as before, during, and after an emergency. This project funds the construction of a new ferry landing at or near Atlantic Basin (Phase I), using a portion of the available Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funding, and contingent on
a commitment of matching funds by private and/or public partners to ensure completion of the ferry landing. The ferry landing is constructed in a resilient manner in order to ensure that it could quickly return to operation after a flooding event to accommodate rescue and relief efforts, and to quickly return back to normal service. This would align with the Planning Committee’s general support of citywide waterborne emergency transportation
planning. The Committee recommended additional funding be secured to subsidize a new or existing ferry route to serve Red Hook (Phase II), potentially in coordination with the City and private property owners.

The Solution


A feasibility study of Red Hook was undertaken by DOT in 2015-2016, looking at a number of sites along the waterfront. RRH actively participated in all public meetings,  strongly advocating for the Atlantic Basin to be added as a site to be considered, and as the chosen location. The community's voice was heard, and on June 1st, 2017 the ferry started services to Red Hook, as part of the larger ferry network along the South Brooklyn line.

RRH Action

As advocates for alternative modes of transportation and water-borne activity, the ferry service is at the heart of expanding resilient transportation systems. We believe that expanding such service, and ensuring that it can support Red Hook in times of emergency are critical additional steps to take.